Homes For Heroes for Buyers

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How Does The Homes For Heroes Program Work for Home Buyers

Homes for Heroes is a program that allows Heroes to receive rebate checks after closing on a new home if a home buyer works in the following industries: 

1. Eduction

2. Armed Services

3. Firefighters and EMS

4. Law Enforcement

5. Healthcare Services


How Does The Program Work?

The program is simple.  Once you, the Hero, purchases the home of your choice, you will receive a portion of the real estate commissions generated in the form of  a check after closing.  To calculate the rebate simply multiply the purchase price of the home by .007.  For example, if you were to purchase a $300,000 home, your rebate check would be $2,100.  


Text HERO to 651-888-8417 or visit the Homes For Heroes website to learn more and to sign up.