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Steps To Selling A Home in Minnesota

Selling A Home in Minnesota?  Follow These Steps

Step 1:  Determining the market value of your home. 

There is information out there for you to do your own research on this issue but meeting with a Realtor can be a valuable step to help determine the market value of your home.  If nothing more to validate the information you have, a Realtor will have a handle on what the market has been doing and the where it is heading.  They also will be able to give you more of an idea of an as-is market value vs. a value tied to any work/updates you will do in getting your house ready.  

Step 2: Getting Your House Ready To Sell 

Once you determine the market value of your house you will have to decide how much work you want to do to get it ready.  There may be some obvious updates you could do to maximize your market value.  Typically you will want to do the basics for sure: 

1. Paint - a fresh paint goes very far in creating a good impression for buyers. 

2. Floors - sometimes you can get away with a deep clean but you may want to replace carpet and update linoleum surfaces.  

3. De-clutter - the best thing you can do is de-clutter the house.  Buyers need to be able to picture themselves in the house and what the house has to offer.  They can't do this if all they can see is too many nick-knacks or all the counter and table surfaces are taken up by personal items.  

Step 3: Determine a time-frame.

Your time frame will also determine how much work you can or want to do on the house.  You may need to be out in a couple months due to relocation, or you may be building a home and have more like 6 months.  Whatever your time-frame you will need to get typical market times for homes in your price range and list accordingly.  Factors to consider include time of year, do you have a place to go to if your house sells fast, or can you afford to move if your house does not sell before that day comes. 

Step 4: List Your House!  

There are many benefits to hiring a Realtor to list, market, and sell your house but you can certainly take a few photos and list it for sale by owner.   But, if you list your house with a Realtor it is time to sign a listing contract.  A few components will include a time frame, commission amount, list price, and much more.  

A Realtor will list your house on the MLS(Multiple Listing Service), put a professional sign in the yard, and market the property for you.  There will be showing requests so you should have to house ready to show before you leave the house everyday.  

Step 5: Accept an Offer!