Why Get Pre-Approved? 

If you are thinking of purchasing a new home within the next 12-24 months the first step should be getting pre-approved for financing.  If you are going to fund your purchase with cash this step can certainly be skipped!  

The benefits of a pre-approval include knowing you are able to purchase your dream home once you find it, knowing exactly what purchase price and payment you can afford, and the seller has confidence that you can follow through on the purchase before they sign your purchase offer.  

Pre-Qual vs. Pre-Approval

Make sure that you are presented with a  PRE-APPROVAL vs. a Pre - Qualification.  The difference?  A pre-approval will take into account verification of the information on the application.  The lender will collect documents related to income, assets, debt ratios, and more.  A pre-qualification will pull the credit scores and that is about it.  


If you have any more questions, thinking about buying a home, or would like lender recommendations, please contact me here. 

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